What Kind Of Parents Will Meghan And Harry Be? Body Language Expert Reveals Their Key Traits

March 22, 2019 12:56

Baby Sussex is almost here! Only a few weeks left until the arrival of Meghan and Harry's baby and the excitement is palpable.

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We can’t wait to welcome another royal kiddo as they are known for being exceptionally cute. And judging by the Duke and Duchess’ physical attributes, their offspring will surely be gorgeous.

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But what kind of parents the royal couple will be? Body language expert shares her verdict.

Meghan and Harry as parents

Body language expert Patti Wood shared her opinion about the Sussexes in parenting roles. She analyzed Meghan and Harry’s behavior during public events and here’s what she’s got to say.

Meghan’s constant cradling of her baby bump reveals her caring nature. It suggests that she will always support and protect her child.

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But the Duchess will let her fun side to show as well. Wood comments:

She's going to be playing with this baby. And we already see that in the way she interacts with children.

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Prince Harry shares this quality with his wife. It’s evident that he enjoys the company of children and wants to connect with them in a playful way.

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It’s also notable that both royals always try to get down on a child’s level by kneeling down, which is very significant.

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Every time the two interact with children, they put them in the center of attention and genuinely seem to enjoy spending time with them.

The royal couple has always appeared to be bonding with kids so we have no doubts they will be great parents.

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