Classiest Couple In Hollywood! Sam Elliott And Katharine Ross Always Look Fabulous Together

March 21, 2019

Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross are one of those long-standing couples in Hollywood that make you believe true love exists. Even though the relationships blossoming in front of the spotlight aren’t exactly famous for their longevity, the two have been together for over 34 years.

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Ross and Elliott met in 1978 on the set of the film The Legacy in London and that meeting became the beginning of a life-long love story.

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Sam and Katharine are still attached at the hip. The A-list actor always takes his lovely wife with him to public events. Let's remember how the couple turned heads at a movie premiere in L.A.

The classiest couple in Hollywood

Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross hit the red carpet at the premiere of the actor’s new movie. The couple happily posed together as they joined other Hollywood stars to celebrate the film The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot.

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The 74-year-old Oscar nominee plays a legendary war veteran, who is hired to hunt the Bigfoot. Elliot gave a cheeky smile to the cameras as he playfully put his hand around his beloved wife. The pair seemed to have coordinated their outfits, which was a style lesson many couples should learn.

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Sam was nominated for Oscar this year for his performance in a critically-acclaimed and much-discussed film A Star Is Born.

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Relationships in the entertainment world tend to fail, but fortunately, their marriage seems to be strong and happy. Getty Images / Ideal Image

Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross have been married since 1984 and we hope their love will last forever. 

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