Australia Is Reportedly Experiencing Its Worst Drought In Living Memory Thanks To Widespread Heatwave

August 8, 2018

News of heatwaves have been spreaking like wild fire in the last few days.

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Extreme cases

According to the environmentally conscious news site, Earth-Chronicles, extreme cases of heatwave have been recorded at locations in Canada, the U.S., the Middle East and Northern Siberia.

According to the report, the highest temperature recorded so far has to be +51.3 ° C, in an Algerian city. 

Worst drought in living memory

However, BBC is now also reporting that the excessive temperature increase in Australia has caused the country's worst drought in living memory.

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"About 98% of New South Wales is drought-stricken, and two-thirds of neighbouring Queensland", the report on BBC claims.

The country's Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, is pointing fingers at climate change as being responsible. And, it's not just Australia that's been hit the worst. 

Wild fires and casualties

Other countries including Greece have recorded cases of wildfires that have claimed as much as 90 lives.

According to the BBC, Meteoalarm, the weather warning group for the European block, has sent red warnings for regions in Portugal and Spain. There are fears that the temperatures could be "very dangerous and pose a risk to life." We hope everyone in danger stays safe.

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