"Generic-Looking Kids": Fans Think Kate & William's Children Ain't As Cute As Meghan & Harry's Son

July 25, 2019

The royal heirs are all the rage in the British monarchy. They make us beam with excitement for their future and cherish with joy for their present. It wouldn't be too unfair to compare the cuties for their potential ahead. However, someone has given a direct judgment.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George, just like all of us were pretty thrilled about their little cousin. They met Archie Harrison only weeks ago at the Polo Match but couldn't get enough of him. According to sources, the two visited him at Frogmore Cottage. The insider revealed:

Charlotte treats Meghan and Harry’s son like a little doll and is always asking after him.

Sussex vs Cambridge

A Twitterverse self-proclaimed expert has given his verdict on the Sussex and Cambridge babies' appearance. He pointed out in all honesty that Meghan and Harry's children are bound to be more adorable than Kate & William's. The base of this comparison concluded Charlotte, George, and Loius to be normal-looking.

The user then went on to post evidence. He put Archie and George's photo side by side. It revealed that Meghan and Harry's son has a more symmetrical face, smoother skin tone and is generally a more beautiful baby.

A commentator fully supported this notion and generously praised Archie.

Not everyone agreed to it

Other's objected to this comparison very strongly. They defended Prince William and Kate's children to be just as lovely as Archie.

Well, it's just that no two babies are the same. Archie has his own distinctive features while the Cambridge children have theirs. Share this and sound off.