Being A King Is In Cards For Baby Sussex As He Shares Succession Similarities To The Queen

May 7, 2019 13:10

On Monday, May 6, the Sussex couple announced the birth of a baby boy. The world is rejoicing over the news and congratulations are pouring in. Excitement is high as many details are still to be shared. But, a few of the facts, we can decipher ourselves.

The Sussex baby's arrival was shared on the family official Instagram account. Their son weighs 7lbs 3oz as a healthy tot and the mother is doing incredibly fine, too.

Harry has become one proud father and can't contain his happiness. Talking to press, he revealed that he is actually on cloud no. 9. This experience was first for him but, absolutely amazing.

Their son could be the King of England

It's a well-established notion that history repeats itself. If it proved to happen soon, the Sussex baby is very much likely to become the head of United Kingdom.

Meghan and Harry's bundle of joy share the same succession rank as the Queen when she was born. She was also seventh in line to the throne but went on to become monarch at the age of 25

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In addition to this, Queen Elizabeth II was never expected to be a Sovereign. She was also the child of a second-born royal son, George VI who later, became the King of Britain. When Edward VIII abdicated the throne, young Elizabeth's destiny was re-written to start her long reign.

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Royal fans would love that to happen

The Twitterverse do believe that the Sussex baby is bound to tread an extraordinary life. Others reacted with skepticism as well.

For all this to come into play, a major twist of dynastic fate is needed. Do you believe that being a King is in cards for the Sussex couple's child anyway? Share this and let us know what you think?