Big Disaster: The 'Storage Wars' Star Barry Weiss Got Urgently Hospitalized After Motorbike Accident

April 26, 2019

Celebrities often get involved in risky activities. Real addiction is not of cars or motorcycles, but the speed. The reality TV star Barry Weiss also became a victim to the thrill of the race. It seems like the road didn't treat him well.

Barry is a famous antique collector, who was formerly associated with A&E's hit show, Storage Wars. Before making it big on the screens, his fortune relied on fruit and vegetables import-export business that he shared with his brother, Joe Weiss. Now, as a collector, his huge net worth allows him to arrive in a new vehicle at every auction.

His disastrous accident

As reported on TMZ, Weiss' good pal, Jamie shared a worrying video on his Instagram. The footage showed the crash scene only moments after the accident and he dubbed it 'a big disaster'. He then posted another photo, in which Barry was consciously laying on a hospital bed. 

The incident happened on Wednesday around 2:30 PM in the Los Feliz area. He and another friend were riding side by side as per local Law Enforcement. Further updates revealed him to be in ICU with a broken knee, elbow, and wrist. According to Jamie, he is in terrible condition due to a serious chest and leg trauma.

People sent their regards to him

Barry's concerned fans prayed for his recovery. They wish him to get well soon and be on his feet again.

We also hope for his speedy betterment. A strong and adventurous spirit like him can't be taken down easily. Share this and support him during this tragedy.