Doctors Warn Overdue, Meghan! Natural Birth Seems Unlikely As She Might Need An Induced Labor Now, Reports Say

May 6, 2019 12:40

The world is eagerly waiting for the Sussex baby. All debates on Meghan and Harry's first child have settled down. Even the betters have fairly closed on the gender, nameб and other details. Now, it seems that there's been a delay. 

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The Duchess of Sussex's due date was believed to be at the end of April. Forgoing the start of May, she has almost come a week past it. The royal pair had announced the final days of her pregnancy to be kept private. They are left secluded at their new Windsor home, the Frogmore Cottage where a female-led team is on standby. However, Meghan's committed wish to give birth naturally is now threatened.

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The clock is ticking

With no sign of Sussex baby's arrival, Meghan faces the possibility of induced labor. If nature doesn't take its course in the next 48 hours, it is increasingly likely she will be transferred to Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey. 

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Obstetrician, Clive Spence-Jones told Daily Mail UK:

A recent study found that women over 36 should consider induction around their due date, as they are at higher risk.

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He further warned that upon induction, either physical manipulation or drugs to trigger contractions. The Duchess will lose her shot of home birth as it is against national guidelines.

Public's reaction

People are getting desperate and they are actively opinionated about it. Social media users expressed how Meghan should have known better.

Do you think at this point, medical intervention is just imperative? Or is there still a chance for her to fulfill her wish by organic means? Share this and let us know what you think.