It's Dreadfully Shaky! Earthquake Of Magnitude 5.5 Hits Hawaii Island Near Kilauea Volcano

March 15, 2019 14:09

If you ask Hawaiin dwellers about their islands, they'd probably repeat pleasant keywords of Google. You'd hear about coconuts, pineapples and ocean breeze. Yeah, the basic paradise stuff! However, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are also part of the deal.

Andrey Shcherbukhin /

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Everything beautiful has a dangerous side to it. Heavenly Hawaiin islands are among the most likely places of earthquake occurrences. They are not quite frequent but, when this natural disaster strikes there, it hits hard. More to the horror,  Hawaii is also considered the active zones of volcanoes.

Red alert!

In the Wednesday afternoon, March 13, around 12.a.m, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reported a massive earthquake. Primary data have revealed that it measured to of 5.5 in magnitude. Its depth was centered in the neighborhood which is very close to Kilauea volcano.

According to Hawaii 24/7, the warning centers in the area have alerted for aftershocks. Fortunately, the authorities have declared that the earthquake was not intense enough to trigger a tsunami or volcanic eruption. It is still advised by the local faculty to carry out precautionary checks for any damages; especially to utility connections of gas, water, and electricity.

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How are people taking it?

Local people expressed how their shaky nightmares have come true. Many of them were terrified while others took a light approach to it.

It is good to use humor to smooth out a stressful situation. However, it is also suggested to be on your toes at the same time. Stay safe and alert others!

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