Meghan's Rep Finally Responded To Her & Queen's Reported Rift Over Unveiling Baby On Vogue's Cover

April 25, 2019 14:20

Meghan Markle is the most unconventional member of the royal family. She often deviates from traditions and modernizes them. Even about her first child, she bent on doing things her way. The Queen's reaction to it was anticipated to be upsetting. However, an official update might clear the air.

The Sussex couple had previously disclosed their baby's planning to be kept private. Another wave of shock ran through fans! Reports came that the Sussex baby will only be unveiled on the Vogue magazine's cover. There will be no staircase moment outside the hospital. It was also believed that the Queen is against this idea.

Palace breaks silence on the matter

This way of showing the royal baby will be very Hollywood-ish. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise had done a photoshoot with their newborn, Suri, just like this, for Vanity Fair. However, it is still far-fetched. As published in Mirror UK,  the Palace has finally responded to these rumors. They mean to shut down any speculation of a rift between Meghan and Her Majesty.

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A dedicated representative working for the Duchess has labeled these claims "categorically untrue." The insider also insisted that there are, "no plans for any photo shoot with Vogue." Meghan might have snubbed a lot of protocols in pursuit of calling the shots herself, but nothing can be confirmed yet.

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People's reaction

The Twitterverse felt inclined to Meghan Markle. They found it reasonable for her to decide things for her baby. Other opinions were also offered.

Whatever the parents-to-be, Meghan and Prince Harry choose for their child will be well-suited to the situation. Share this and have some faith in them.