'Chicago Fire' Actor Steve Chikerotis' Son Has Passed Away At 31 After Being Beaten

March 28, 2019

It's always devastating to hear the tragedies of our favorite celebrities. Losing someone as close as a son is unimaginably painful to even hear.

Here, we share the sorrow of Steve Chikerotis.

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He is not only an actor but also a technical adviser at hit TV series, Chicago Fire. Former veteran, Steve has served almost 4 decades in the Chicago Fire Department. He has now retired from his position as a deputy district chief he's been holding for 18 years.

During his tenure, Chikerotis also acted as a director of training, chief of fire academy operations, and battalion chief. After saving so many lives, he is hit with the plight of his own.

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His son's sudden expiry

According to WGN TV, an injured man was discovered in an Evergreen Park home. After Police involvement, this weekend beating's unfortunate victim was identified as Steve's 31-year-old son, David Chikerotis.

On March 27, the reports confirmed that the Cook County medical examiner had revealed, David was admitted to a hospital on Saturday. He was severely crushed after being ambushed by 3 people. He passed away on Monday.

His strikers, Jessica Doherty, 26, Jonathon Owens, 33, and Stacy Krisik, 33 are being held without bond. It remains unknown if they have hired lawyers yet.

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People offered their condolences

The Twitterverse expressed their grievances on the incident. They paid respects and condoled Steve. 

Rest in peace, David. He was loved and will be dearly missed. Share this and send your prayers to the deceased.

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