Kiss And Tell! Lady Gaga's Red Lipstick Smudge Was Spotted On Bradley Cooper's Mouth By Fans At 'A Star Is Born' L.A Premiere

March 4, 2019

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper showcased mind-blowing chemistry in their movie, A Star Is Born. It was so realistic that has certainly budded some roots in their off-screen lives, too. Or at least, that's how it seems. All we needed was proof of their love in real and now, some of it had surfaced!

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Their performance of megahit song Shallow at the Academy Awards made everyone doubt that they're just friends. The sensuality involved convinced people that something is cooking between them. However, what raised the flames of their romance even higher was their closeness at Oscar's after party. The two co-stars were all cuddly at the event and engaged in a long embrace.

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Caught in the act

Bradley and Gaga are often seen giving each other light smoochies and hug. And yes, their hand-holding is also sensational. But nothing flirtatious was detected between them, until now. The alleged couple's admirers lost it when a Lady Gaga fan account unearthed a rare snap of the two actors at the Los Angeles premiere in September.

It appeared to be a significant smudge of Gaga's red lipstick on Bradley's lips. The traces were on the right side of his lower month and it indicated a kiss between them. Oh, my-my!

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The actress breaks her silence

It's not just this picture, but Gaga's words have also partially confirmed the speculations to be true. At Jimmy Kimmel's show, the host remarked, "You must be in love." Her answer was shady, but direct evidence of their developing love story as she replied with a 'Yes'. But of course, she might have just referred to their characters in the movie.

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Their intense chemistry cannot be just part of an act. Who can possibly fake it? But the alternative is just as possible, too. Well, hello, this is Hollywood, and Lady Gaga is an Oscar-winning actress. What do you think?

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