"This Country" Star Michael Sleggs Passed Away At 33 Due To Complications From Heart Failure

July 10, 2019 17:29

British actor Michael Sleggs tried to prepare the fans beforehand. However, his sudden goodbye is still just as haunting. He was suffering from terminal cancer that indirectly ended up taking his life.

Earlier in May, This Country star had disclosed he's been hospitalized for the last couple of months. Two heart strokes resulted in rapid deterioration of his health. In the Facebook post, he thanked his followers for all the support and love. To our relief, he sounded quite fearless and revealed he's turned to God. It was apparent from it that he isn't going to survive.

Expiry at 33

On July 10, the devastating news of his passing was announced by the WTAF A This Country podcast's official Twitter account. It is believed that he had taken his last breath on Tuesday's late evening. Michael was just 33-years-old and had a promising career ahead.

His fellow actors described him as humble as he never changed after success. Michael was a fun person to be around and truly one in a million. It's obvious how badly he will be missed.

Fans and friends paid tributes to him

Rest in peace, Michael. You fought all your health battles bravely. Share this and prayer for his departed soul.