Eric Trump Claims A Waitress Spit On Him At A Chicago Bar: He Says It Means They're "Winning" Again

June 27, 2019 13:48

Eric Trump seems to be taking political charge now. He is actively promoting upcoming campaigns, and he's in good spirits. President Trump son is proving his strength by turning down the negativity of a hateful incident.

On Tuesday, June 25, Eric visited Chicago. He made a brief stop at Trump International Hotel & Tower. The faculty crowded around him in a photo posted by him on Instagram. He expressed how much he loves being there and how proud he is of the brilliant team.

Feeling empowered by a bad experience

The executive vice president of Trump empire recently spoke to Breitbart News, which is a fairly conservative media outlet. He discussed an uncivil gesture from a citizen during his tour. Eric claimed that an employee at a high-end cocktail bar spit on him.

As published in The Hill, he declared this to be a sign of their victory in the near future, saying:

When somebody is sick enough to resort to spitting on someone, it just emphasizes a sickness and desperation and the fact that we’re winning.

Donald's son channeled as a positive thing and took a shot at Democrats. He explained that it was a thoughtless act from someone who has emotional issues. His party demonstrates and preaches tolerance, and that's what should've been reciprocated.

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People offered mixed opinions

Social media users started a debate. While it remains unknown whether charges were pressed against the waitress or not, some people say Eric should take action. Others are skeptical about the whole situation and want proof of this happening.

The commentators are not sure if it's a sign of success in elections.

The mentioned behavior of an employee is condemnable in general. It really frog leaps ethical grounds. Though, validity is still to be measured. Share this and sound off.