Forever Is Over! Wendy Williams Is Divorcing Her Husband Of 22 Years, Kevin Hunter


April 15, 2019 16:41 By Fabiosa

Earlier this month, It was speculated that Kevin Hunter's mistress, Sharina Hudson has given birth to his child. No reports confirmed the news, but Wendy's wordless reaction to it said it all. Now, another action of hers has confirmed the tussle between them.

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Hours after the rumors had erupted, the host was urgently admitted to a hospital. Kevin's scandal really pushed her off the edge.

Reportedly, she had actually broken her years-long sobriety. Wendy was given IV fluids and was send back to Queen's Sober Home. However, she did felt better soon and filmed for her talk show. 

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Breaking away from him

Forever has changed to over for Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter. Their relationship has been damaged for good because of her husband's alleged infidelity. On Thursday, April 11, PageSix obtained the intel from Wendy's attorney that the heartbroken wife has decided to part from her partner of 22 years, officially.

She has filed for divorce in Essex County of New Jersey and served Kevin with divorce papers at 6:30 a.m. The documents revealed the reason to be 'irreconcilable differences'. Williams is seeking to establish an 'appropriate amount of child support' along with 'other further relief as the Court deems fair and equitable'.

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People supported Wendy 

It is obvious that this step must have been extremely difficult for Wendy. The Twitterverse realized her struggles and they were proud of her for doing the right thing for herself.

Sometimes, a couple is the happiest when they are separated. May Kevin and Wendy, both find their joy individually. Share this and let us know if you side by this strong lady during this tough time.

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