Seemed Wrong! Meghan Markle Swiftly Left Kate & Pippa Middleton Behind After Serena's Match At Wimbledon

July 16, 2019

It was extremely pleasant for the fans to witness Meghan Markle and Middleton sisters hanging out together. They were giggles and laughter, displaying perfect harmony. So, this time, it's not the feud that is letting the Sussex stunner down.

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The ladies attended the Wimbledon finals to support Meghan's good pal, Serena Williams. She was battling it out against Simona Halep in the Women's Singles. After winning that match, she could be crowned the 2019 Wimbledon champion.

Meghan didn't stick around

The Duchess of Sussex made a quick exit after Serena's competition was concluded. The tennis player had lost. Prince Harry's wife only stayed for 30 minutes after that and left Kate and Pippa Middleton behind. Both women watched the rest of the game for around 3 more hours.

Kate Middleton who is an avid tennis lover congratulated the winner on her way out. It is believed that the new mom Meghan was in a hurry. She might have been rushing back to her son Archie. No matter what, people expected more from her.

She was criticized

The social media users objected to Meghan's swift departure. They pointed out how she missed congratulating the champion. So, the Duchess only appeared at Wimbledon for her bestie? That's sweet actually, nothing wrong with it.

Well, the Duchess of Sussex might be nursing. Making such an early exit is hurting the public only because they love to see her. Share this if you can understand her priorities.