That's Worrying! A 'Terrible Bruise' On The Queen's Left Hand Made The Fans Really Concerned

March 1, 2019 12:06

Nothing escapes the eagle-eyes of the devoted royalists. This time, they've spotted a rather unpleasant thing that readily had them extremely worried. It is nearly impossible to ignore it!

On February 28, Her Majesty hosted an exclusive reception at Buckingham Palace to indulge King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Their son, Crown Prince, Hussein also joined his parents to mark this prestigious meetup.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

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The Queen's bruised hand

If we look at the released photo, everything looks magnificently perfect. Queen Rania looks stunning in her pink skirt-dress paired with those beautiful heels, while her royal son and husband handsomely present themselves before the Queen of Britain.

There was a lot of enchanting details to lose your focus in. But still, an unusual-looking blemish made the whole scene disturbing.

Getty Images / Ideal Image

Queen Elizabeth has a rather nasty bruise on her left hand. The dark shade of purple indicates a severe injury. By appearance, the 92-year-old monarch seems to be in good spirits and enjoying good health. 

Getty Images / Ideal Image

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Fans were concerned

It was the Twitterverse that first noticed this terrible mark. Many wondered what could have caused it and expressed their distress to see it. 

Maybe, it has something to do with a minor accident or her progressive age was the culprit to make her bruise easily. Which one do you think explains the condition best?

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