14-Years-Old Black Boy Was Only Asking For Directions When The House Owner Started To Shoot At Him

October 18, 2018

America has been diversified with individuals of different cultural backgrounds. But the tolerance of their values or their existence altogether is still not practiced. This incidence is an example of our lagged understanding of people in our society!

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Racist gun violence 

According to the conversational statistics, black people are eight times more likely to be a victim of gun violence than white individuals. It's both saddening and alarming that just human's appearance alone is enough to judge them to be a criminal. Racial stereotypes waste precious human time and lives. The unwanted conflicts can create a baseless fuss. Time to get over ethnicity and practice humanity instead!


The rate of death by gun homicide for black people exceeds those among whites in all 50 states. The following incident proves how white Americans pick up absurd signals from African Americans and think them to be a threat.

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A man armed his gun at a black teenager

NBC News

The white man, Jeffrey Zeigler, living in Michigan was convicted of assault for firing at the black teenager, Brennan Walker. On the morning of 12 April, the 14-year-old had missed his bus to school. The lost boy came across the Rochester Hills home of Jeffrey to ask for directions. But he was instead confronted by the shotgun-wielding homeowner.

As Zeigler, a retired firefighter, 53 furiously fired at him, the boy ran for his life, barely escaping the fatal injuries. Upon his arrest, he said it was only for self-defense. Nonetheless, the court convicted him for his attempt to do bodily harm and over possession of a shotgun. Brennan mother told NBC News:

This traumatic event will haunt my son forever.

NBC News

Brennan had only knocked at the door for help and the white family thought he is trying to break in. This wrong value of judgment could take away an innocent life! 

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Public reactions

The whole African-American community is wrongly accused very often. The racism's fatality was at its peak. It stirred up rage amongst many social media users and they also sympathized the teenager.

We need to be kinder and more tolerant. Most importantly respectful and treat everyone equally because under the skin we all are the same. Share this to preach love and safety towards all humanity!

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