Twins On A Plane! Kym Herjavec Shares Rare Photos Of Her Adorable Kids Enjoying A Flight

April 17, 2019 14:22

We kid you not when we say, time really flies. It's about to be a year since the ballroom sensation Kym and her husband Robert Herjavec welcomed their twins on April 23. The little ones have grown up by leaps and bounds. And special thanks to the gorgeous mommy for giving us all the updates about them.

The parents have their hearts full of joy and they never forget to share it with the world. They have shared with us every minor milestone that angelic siblings, Haven, and Hudson have achieved. From their matching outfits to bright smiles, we've witnessed it all.

Twins on a plane

Just when we thought Kym can't delight her fans anymore, she's proved us wrong. On her Instagram account, she shared the chronicles of a journey in the air with her lovely twins and mother. It was dubbed as 'night party on the plane' by Kym.

Haven and Hudson were the sweetest during the long flight. They took a nap, had fun with grandma and obviously, they did all of it while looking absolutely cute. 

Even at the airport, the family looked fresh and cheerful. Haven and Hudson got to indulge in a suitcase-ride given by their momma. As she tagged them along, the whole scene indicated that Kym was really enjoying this trip. Babies' day out can be a pleasure too!

Her fans were thrilled

Kym Herjavec's followers adored the twins endlessly. They were amused to see a mother being so vibrantly energetic while handling her bundles of joy.


This is brilliant! So cute!! 💕


@lacrossett Twin travel 😂😂😂


As a fellow twin Mom I love this!!!💗


This is awesome!! Mamapower


So adorable!

Oh, don't we just love this beautiful family! Send them your love and blow a kiss to the precious ones. And yes, don't forget to share this too!

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