Bye-Bye, Messy Bun! Meghan Markle Debutes New Hairstyle Before Giving Birth Next Month

March 20, 2019

After the two cold-hearted mosque attacks in Christchurch, NZ on Friday 15th, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made an unofficial visit to New Zealand House in London to pay tribute to the 50 fallen a few days ago. Both opted for dark attires, which perfectly suited such a tragic moment for many Muslims there. 

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Even though the Duchess is supposed to be on her maternity leave, she couldn't pass such a heartfelt event alongside her husband so that they could honor those who fell victim to the assault. 

Royal fans spotted something new 

Aside from the well-suited outfit, Meghan Markle showcased something new. If you paid close attention to the recent photos, you would have noticed her new hairstyle. 

Yes, indeed. The Duchess of Sussex opted for a bun or demure updo within 4 months, and just before giving birth, she changed it into beautiful long curls.

Perhaps, conspiracy theory supporters would say it's a sign of her upcoming due date, which is much closer than we all expected. Meghan is believed to be at the end of her 8-month in pregnancy, so Baby Sussex is likely to arrive next month. 

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We do like Meghan's different hairdos, but we prefer curls. We mean, she has really beautiful hair, just like Kate Middleton, so it's always nice to see them let down. 

How fans reacted

We really can't believe Harry and Meghan are shortly going to become parents for the very first time! Can you?

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