Meghan And Harry's Marriage Is Under "Tremendous Pressure" Of The Royal Family, Expert Claims

March 21, 2019

Everybody is so attentive regarding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming royal baby. While royal fans are looking forward to this remarkable event, some relationship experts believe the childbirth will bring "the biggest test" in their marriage. 

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Baby Sussex will cause a lot of new things and responsibilities to his/her parents. Therefore, having a child will show how mature Meghan and Harry are as a couple and how they will handle everything that comes with being parents for the very first time.

Extra pressure to the Sussex kin

Angela Mollard, a relationship commentator and expert, revealed that the Duke and Duchess's marriage will be under "tremendous pressure" of the royal family due to Meghan's celebrity status.

Besides, Mollard added that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don't have the same “safe and secure” relationship as Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

They had a lot of time together before they married. We know that is a great determinate of a successful relationship. I don’t necessarily think that that is the case with Meghan and Harry. 

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Ms. Mollard also said it is bound the royals “fear” Meghan’s celebrity status will “overshadow” the charitable work from a family as a whole.

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Such comments came into the action when Harry and Meghan wanted to be wholly separated from the royal family, but the Queen vetoed them as they will still have to fulfill charitable events and commitments from Buckingham Palace.

But the two have achieved their goal 

It was reported that Queen Elizabeth II decided to separate Fab Four by giving them different households, just like Harry and William wanted to do since 2018. Now, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will have their own communications staff based at Buckingham Palace, aside from the Cambridges. 

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Well, all we want is happiness and peace for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and hopefully, they won't be under the pressure with the baby's arrival. 

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