No Children For Ellen DeGeneres: Her Mom Betty Explains Why She Won't Have Any Grandkids In The Future

April 3, 2019 13:12

Ellen DeGeneres and her partner Portia De Rossi have been living for almost 11 years and have no regrets not having a kid. According to the TV host, she feels comfortable living solely with Portia.

On the same breath, De Rossi has never wanted to be a mother. So, as the saying goes, "No children, no regrets" for them.

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Short, but explicit

Ellen DeGeneres's mother Betty spilled hot tea to fans on why her daughter would never have any children in the future. 

The Louisiana native was pretty quick and cohesive. She simply told, "She [Ellen] has far too much class." 

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Previously, Ellen DeGeneres confessed that kids require much commitment, loyalty, love, and time. And she was hella afraid of not liking a baby or having someone who she didn't expect. 

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Maybe, some people and couples are just destined to stay like that? Maybe, Ellen and Portia's fate is just to enjoy side by side to the fullest?

Ellen and Betty have a perfect mother-daughter relationship 

The two DeGeneres females have been cheek to cheek for decades. Betty continually attends her daughter's The Ellen DeGeneres Show and supports her other work fields, whereas Ellen always tries to show her love and respect toward her mama. They two make an impeccable duo on the shows and outside the spotlight. 

Ellen DeGeneres is currently 61, while her partner Portia De Rossi is 46. The two are happily married and incredibly grateful for each other, even without being parents. 

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