HIV-Positive Man Defies The Odds And Becomes The Father Of Healthy Twin Girls Via Surrogacy


March 15, 2019 11:13 By Fabiosa

Can two HIV-positive parents have an HIV-negative child? Yes, it is possible. Transmission of HIV from mother to child can occur either during pregnancy or childbirth or breastfeeding.

But if the mother takes special medication during pregnancy, has special methods of delivery, and replaces breastfeeding by artificial, the risk of having an HIV-positive baby will be only 2%.

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HIV-positive man becomes a single father

47-year-old Antonio Marsocci was dreaming of having children so much. But most clinics warned him about a small chance for a baby to be born HIV-positive, just like him. 

The British businessman, who is single and gay, was rejected multiple times before one clinic offered the surrogacy services for $107K. An egg was donated by a mother-of-one living in Eastern Europe which was then fertilized with Mr. Marsocci's sperm and implanted into a surrogate from Ukraine.

Defying the odds, Antonio became the father of twin girls, Anna and Maria, in December 2018. 

I can't stop looking at them and cuddling them, they are so beautiful. When a blood test confirmed they were both free from HIV I broke down and wept. So to finally be a dad feels like a miracle, just a dream come true.

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The father-of-two is now waiting for his baby girls to be issued with British passports before returning to south-west London.

The bottom line

It is of importance to be careful of what can cause HIV/AIDS. Moreover, parents should constantly talk with their kids about the possibility of getting it. 

It's crucial to minimize sexual lovers, reject sharing razors, needles, and other personal stuff alongside avoiding touching someone's blood from a cut or sore. 

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A lot of things can be successfully prevented if people cared more about details. Yet, we're happy for Antonio Marsocci for becoming a father of two beautiful girls. 

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