Donald Trump Nervously Reveals His Fears And Worries Of Letting Barron Play Football

February 6, 2019

Even though the President's son Barron Trump, flies under the radar, it doesn't mean he has nothing interesting to present. Melania is a very protective mother and prefers her son to keep a low profile

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However, FLOTUS sometimes spills the beans about her son's average childhood and hobbies. She claims that Barron is into a sport and doesn't have social media accounts yet as his peers do. The most crucial is that Melania teaches him "what is right and what is wrong."

Worries as high as the top of the Everest

Some people may not like Donald and Melania Trump, but when it comes to their younger son, they are ready to do anything to protect him and leave him out of the drama

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The American President candidly states that letting Barron play football would make him "have a hard time with it," since this kind of sport is somewhat dangerous. 

Although Barron is more into soccer, Donald would be worried and scared for his son playing a risky sport due to the possibility of getting head injuries and so forth. 

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Both Donald and Barron have a passion for football, but seeing a child suffer from pain and cruelty is never an option for a parent

Reactions of people

As usual, people found a way to criticize POTUS even for his sincere feelings and concerns about his 12-year-old son

Well, despite all hate and judgment, we think that every parent would even die for a child. All the drama and hatred toward Mr. Trump should be solely on him and his administration, not on Barron or anyone else. 

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