"Prince Of Whales": Donald Trump Makes A Typo About Prince Charles In His Recent Tweet, And People Go Wild

June 14, 2019 14:01

Donald and Melania Trump had a three-day official state visit in the United Kingdom. The presidential couple teamed up with the Queen, Prince Charles, and Duchess Camilla. 

Not only had they official business, but the Trumps and the Brit royals enjoyed their time drinking afternoon cups of tea and having dinners together. 

Something went wrong

Embarrassing situations are the worst! 

On June 13th, the U.S. President did something really awkward — Donald Trump accidentally named Prince Charles as the "Prince of Whales" on Twitter. 

The tweet was allegedly live on the social media platform for about 25 minutes before a correctly-spelled version of the message was issued.

Well, the 73-year-old POTUS is among the most-followed people across the globe, so people notably noticed such an embarrassing typo.

Surely, it's something huge as both Donald Trump and Prince Charles are high-profile personalities in the Universe.

People continue trolling Donald Trump

Well, it's going to be on the net for a really, really long time.