Meghan Markle Was Urged To Stop Clinging Onto Prince Harry As It 'Irritates So Many People'

February 28, 2019

Ufff, people never chill out over Duchess Meghan. Even if she breathes loudly, they will claim "A rule-breaker breathes differently, according to the royal protocol." LOL. Markle was slammed for being all over Harry as she shows too much PDA in public. 

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It comes as no secret that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex always hold hands and show their real affection on social engagements. While some fans find it beyond cuteness and perfection, others look for any chance to criticize her. 

No clinging onto Harry for Meghan

God forbid to become Meghan Markle! She faces judgments on a daily basis, but nobody cares about it, apparently. The expectant mother was urged to stop clinging onto Prince Harry in the public eye as she irritates many people and breaks the most traditional royal custom - modesty. 

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Family lawyer and relationship expert, Sheela Mackintosh-Stewart, gives her advice to Duchess Meghan. She claims that Markle needs to stop showing PDA to return her respectful image.

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Mackintosh-Stewart also believes that Meghan's charity work and patronages are nothing if she breaks royal traditions all the time, clinging onto Prince Harry. 

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Relationship guru thinks that Meghan Markle's image hasn't been humble and diligent since stepping into the British royal family. 

Opinions of people

Hey, would you mind telling your opinion about that? Are you for PDA or against it?

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