Late Fatima Ali Had Huge Plans For The Future Before She Lost The Battle To Cancer

February 27, 2019 17:16

Even though we hate to bring gruesome news, but life just can't be ideal, no matter how we want to. Almost a month ago, the Top Chef star, Fatima Ali, passed away, losing the rough battle to bone cancer. Guys...she was just 29.

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Ali was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, an uncommon type of bone cancer in 2017. Even though she underwent surgery, cancer returned in 2018 and as it becomes obvious, she didn't last for long. 

She was such a bright soul

Fatima Ali was pretty young but already had huge dreams for the future. Joe Flamm, also Top Chef's contestant and Fatima's close pal, revealed her desire to open a Pakistani restaurant and 'tell her story' to the world. 

And it was such a unique story. It wasn’t a story that had been told yet here. It was different.

Flamm described Fatima as an incredible, intelligent, and energetic Pakistani woman. He was also the one who encouraged her to fulfill her dream before passing away. Flamm motivated her to open a restaurant she dreamt of at least for one night in the center of NYC. 

However, the restaurant plans came to a halt on January 7 when Flamm got a sobering text from the Chopped alum. She said:

Hey. I don’t want to bug you right now, but if you’re going to visit, you should come to visit.

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But Ali died a few weeks later.

Nothing could break her spirit 

Adventurous, lively, and optimistic Fatima Ali always remained so. She was told to live up to a year with cancer, and she was living her best until the last chapter

The Top Chef's contestant even wrote a powerful message, revealing her cancer and things she was doing during the last days.

Hopefully, Fatima Ali will rest in peace and be remembered by so many.  

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