Michelle Obama Is A Pantsuit Lover! The Former First Lady Dazzles In A White & Orange Atlas Number In Paris


April 18, 2019 10:00 By Fabiosa

In the light of 'Becoming' book tour across Western Europe, Michelle Obama was visiting Paris with positivity and joy. She was on a Parisian river cruise as the former U.S. First Lady and other people realized Notre-Dame de Paris went up in horrifying flames. The idyllic dinner with friends turned into despair and distress with the blink of an eye. 

Was her outfit the tribute to the Cathedral's fire?

Michelle Obama was having a conversation with an interviewer both about her memoir 'Becoming' and Notre-Dame de Paris' tragedy. The former FLOTUS revealed the whole situation was "disbelief." 

Interestingly, Mrs. Obama opted for a white-and-orange stipped atlas pantsuit. It's unknown whether she wore such colors linked to the tragedy unintentionally or as a part of the tribute to the gruesome fire. 

But the pantsuit was stunning as it ideally embraced Michelle Obama's curves. Needless to say, orange suits the role model, and hence, this pantsuit was a lucky choice.

Paris was her first international experience as a little girl and seeing the burning Cathedral was truly horrible, according to her remark. 

In love with pantsuits?

Michelle Obama seemingly has a thing for vibrant pantsuits as she was wearing different numbers during her the European book tour. In Oslo, the former First Lady opted for a mesmerizing emerald-green pantsuit by a Norwegian designer Peter Dundas. The approximate price of the suit was $6,000.

One can notice Mrs. Obama's outfits in the pinkish, mint, blue or any other colors, and all of them suit her perfectly! Well done!

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