"Going Camping At 102!" Kirk Douglas Isn't Going To Slow Down And He Takes A Cool Trip With Grandson Cameron


April 15, 2019 14:33 By Fabiosa

Not all heroes wear masks and capes. Particularly, Kirk Douglas is already 102 years old, but he still keeps a healthy lifestyle by regularly working out with a personal trainer. 

When your bones aren't strong enough but you still get up and do exercises, it deserves all respect and admiration. And the greatest thing is that Kirk Douglas isn't going to slow down until it's time. 

Camping? Duh, why not?

Kirk Douglas along with his lookalike grandson Cameron took an amazing camping trip - to the backyard, though, but still, the fact is the fact. 

Cameron shared a heart-warming picture of his "Pappy" resting in a tent, adding a caption: 

This amazing man, my Pappy, is such inspiration in so many ways! Going camping at 102!

After the stroke and so many complications and challenges throughout the lifespan, the all-time great Hollywood actor doesn't want to age and makes lemonade when life gives lemons. 

Once, Kirk Douglas conceded that the key to longevity is the undeniable care and love of beloved ones, as well as the active way of life and gratitude for everything. 

Comments of fans

Well, isn't Kirk Douglas a true inspiration for many people out there? Indeed, he's also lucky to have such strong health, but he never slows down and goes on being energetic and involved in any activity.