Prayers Up! Donnie And Marie Osmond's 71-Year-Old Brother Is On Life Support After Risky Heart Surgery

July 24, 2019

The Osmond family is famous for their music, but not every Osmond sibling followed the same artistic path. While Donnie and Marie are the most famous out of their clan, their older brother Tom is considered the most non-musical due to being born partially deaf.

Although Tom avoided fame, he made a pretty nice life for himself. He's been married twice and raised a total of 9 children. At the time, he's still married to his second wife Carolyn Olsen.

Prayers for Tom Osmond

A few weeks ago, Tom Osmond underwent a quadruple bi-pass surgery, but since then suffered complications and has been put on life support. Donny and Marie are currently asking for prayers from their fans.

The Osmonds believe Tom has some fight in him and hope for a recovery. He is currently 71 years old.

People send their love to Osmonds

We join the warm comments and send our thoughts and prayers to the Osmond family.