Revealed: Immigrant Children Are Being Forcibly Drugged At Detention Centers To Manage Trauma Of Separation From Their Parents

June 21, 2018 16:23

President Trump's 'zero tolerance immigration policy' has already been slammed in the media and horrifies people everywhere.


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News stories about babies and children being separated from their parents, who attempt to cross a Mexican-U.S. border shock and bring people to tears. 


It was announced that adults are being jailed, while their kids are put in government custody and institutionalized. It seems that the story can't get any worse, but there are new unsettling developments being disclosed almost every day.

Forceful medication of children

According to the lawsuit filed by Center for Human Rights & Constitutional Law, immigrant children are forced to take psychotropic drugs in 'tender age' shelters.

Three facilities in Texas, where the kids are being held at, are providing medication to underage children in order to calm them down and reduce the stress of being separated from their parents.


The lawsuit claims that drugs are being given to kids without parental consent and can have irreversible damage on their nervous system.

Some of the witnesses said kids are being injected if they refuse to take the drugs voluntarily.

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The lawsuit was filed in April, and the prosecutors are currently actively working in the case.

'Evil and cruel'

The public is completely horrified by the news and condemns the doctors and nurses for their actions.