Pregnant Woman Goes Into Labor Two Hours After Pole Dancing. Did She Put Her Baby At Risk?

September 1, 2018

Is it safe to try out pole dancing when you are hours away from giving birth? This new mom recommends it and she's speaking from personal experience.

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Pole-dancing while pregnant

Two hours before her contractions began, Christina Spirig, a pole dancing instructor from Switzerland, was still working the pole. Family members were understandably scared for her, but she ignored them.

Her Instagram page is riddled with videos of Spirig pole-dancing while pregnant. Responding to fears that she was distressing the baby, the professional pole dancer said her baby was asleep in her womb while she worked the pole.

Reactions and medical advice

According to The Sun, Spirig who is also mom to an 8-year-old boy has been dancing since 2010. She believes the pole dancing helped her heal after a difficult delivery and just 7 weeks after her baby was born, she is back on the pole.

Spirig says she got compliments and messages from other pole dancers who wanted her to give them tips on how to pull it off, but some reactions online suggest otherwise.

In fact, medical expert Diana Hoppe, M.D. told the website Fit Pregnancy that it is preferable to avoid pole dancing while pregnant because as the uterus expands, the body's center of gravity changes. What do you think?

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