John Travolta Celebrates Birthday Of His 'Baby Girl Ella' And Posts A Lovely Family Clip That Melts Our Hearts

April 5, 2019

One of the greatest actors in Hollywood with a successful career, John Travolta, is an amazing father. He is undeniably one of Hollywood’s biggest successes with his roles in various films such as Grease, Saturday Nigth Fever, and Pulp Fiction.

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Travolta has been fiercely private in the past about his family, but he gave his fans a treat sometime last year, when he was spotted boarding the Orient Express with his children.

Travolta is a proud dad

The 65-year-old is a proud father to Ella Bleu, Jett, and Benjamin. Sadly, Jett passed away in 2009, at the age of 16.

His daughter Ella Bleu, who appears to be his spitting image, attracts more attention when the family steps out.

Asides from taking her father’s looks, Ella Blue followed in her father's footsteps as a budding Hollywood actress in the film The Poison Rose. 

Ella Bleu celebrates 19th birthday

In a lovely family clip shared on social media, Ella is seen standing next to Travolta, who is carrying Ben on his shoulders, and his wife, Kelly Preston, standing next to him. In a lovely message to his daughter, the actor wrote:

Happy Birthday to my baby girl Ella!!

Kelly also posted a picture of the mommy-daughter on Instagram, with a sweet birthday wish to their baby girl. She captioned the post,

To my sweetest baby girl Ella... Happy Birthday!!! I love you soooo much!! 💕🌸🌺🌷🌸🍧.”

Wishing Ella Bleu a lovely birthday!

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