Mr. Rogers Is Back! Tom Hanks Stars As Fred Rogers In Long-Awaited Drama ‘A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood’

July 24, 2019 13:00

Many of us still remember the warm smile of Fred Rogers. He was the host of the popular long-running public show for kids called Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

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The show aired in 1967 and became a TV staple for the whole country. Rogers' sweet nature, soothing voice, and cardigan sweaters made him a beloved TV persona in the US.

And now he is returning to the screen in a completely new interpretation!

‘A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood’

There is no one on the entire planet who could play Fred Rogers better than Tom Hanks. America’s favorite actor is bringing the late TV icon back on the screen in a new movie, titled A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood.

The movie will tell a story of true friendship and kindness. It is based on journalist Tom Junod's article, played by Matthew Rhys, and centers around Junod’s relationship with Rogers as he gets an assignment to interview the TV show host.

Watch the first trailer below:

Fans are very excited to see the movie

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood is exactly the film we all should watch. It’s filled with compassion and empathy, which is something the world definitely needs right now.