Five-Year-Old Girl Rides A Scooter Down A Busy Indian Road With Her Parents And Little Sister Sitting Behind Her

August 10, 2018

Parents should be aware that a scooter is a dangerous gift for their children. If they decide to give it, they should take measures to protect their kids from injury or even death. It is required by law for a scooter rider to wear a helmet.

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Another crucial thing is to teach kids road safety rules as falls and collisions with other vehicles are very common. It’s important to know that child experts consider a scooter an inappropriate toy for any kid under the age of eight.

To prevent any injuries, parents should make sure that their children use safety equipment, like helmets, and protect their wrists, elbows, and knees. Also, scooters must have a bell or horn, as well as brakes. These rules are essential when it comes to a safe scooter ride. But some parents don’t think about them.

Family ride in India

A father in India allowed his 5-year-old daughter to ride a scooter with him, his wife, and their other 3-year-old child sitting behind. The little girl riding a two-wheeler was spotted on a busy Indian street. The father was the only one wearing a protective helmet.

The incident was captured on video by a car passenger, who then started to shout at the father for violating the law. The video quickly became viral within a few hours.

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People reacted on Twitter

After the incident, the motor vehicles department suspended the father’s license. What do you think about this situation? Is it okay to allow underage children to ride a scooter?

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