Husband Chained His Pregnant Wife To A Pipe For Good Reasons, But His Shocking Actions Make Him An Abuser

November 14, 2018 11:23

There is an old saying that 'love is blind'. While many would find a romantic context in it, it can also mean that sometimes we close our eyes to the worrying behavior of our loved ones. We can simply brush off all the screaming signs that we are in a bad relationship.

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But what are those signs? Any form of emotional, verbal, or physical abuse should get you thinking about your relationship. If your partner makes you feel unhappy or unworthy, or if he or she controls your every step, insults you, or hits you, this is your cue to pack your bags and leave.

According to national statistics, nearly 20 people are physically abused in their romantic relationship every single minute. This means that more 10 million women and men are being abused by their partners during one year. Abuse can lead to a very dangerous route. Marina Musaeva experienced that for herself. She was put on a chain by her beloved husband.

Musaeva’s story

Sergey Musayev chained his pregnant wife to a chimney pipe. The chain was so short that Marina couldn’t reach the window to knock out the glass and escape. She couldn’t call for help either.

Priamoi efir / YouTube

Marina begged her husband to let her go, but he was adamant. The pair met in school, and since then they were unbreakable. They dreamt of having a big and strong family, but it hampered Marina’s greatest passion – noisy nights out with friends.

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When the woman was drinking, it was impossible to get her out of this condition. The conversations did not work, as did attempts to lock her in the house. Marina knocked out the windows and went to get another drink with her friends.

The couple already has one child, but when Sergey found out Marina is expecting another one, he went around all the local shops with a request not to sell alcohol to his pregnant wife. But apparently, his attempts weren’t successful. So the concerned husband decided to take severe measures.

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The couple’s first child, two-year-old Daniil, has already been struggling from his mother’s addiction as he lags behind in development from his peers.

Priamoi efir / YouTube

Now, Marina is expecting her second baby. She is 8 months pregnant, but this does not prevent her from drinking daily and leaving her home for a few days. To save the family and the child, Sergei was forced to put his wife on a chain.

Priamoi efir / YouTube

When police found out about the incident, Sergei was taken into custody. But, after getting insight into the situation, the man was released. Nonetheless, the chain had to be removed. But if Marina continues her drinking habit, Sergei will take the kids and leave her.

What can you do if you are being abused?

You might feel scared but you need to remember, you are not alone. However, what to do if you decided to leave but feel afraid to do so?

  1. Find help. It’s hard to open up about your personal struggles but it’s crucial to find someone you can talk to. It can be someone you know and trust or an organization like a women’s shelter or a safe home.
  2. Make an emergency plan. Think about where you can go and whom you can call if you have to act quickly. Figure out your route to the safe place so that you can know for sure how to get there the quickest way possible.
  3. Be always prepared. Make copies of all of your important documents and hide them where you can easily find them along with some cash. Also, pack an emergency bag with everything you might need for a few days and leave it with a friend or hide it somewhere.
  4. Make sure someone knows about your situation. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, or police, let them know what is going on so they can have an eye on you.

It’s difficult to accept the fact that someone you love can also possess awful, sometimes dangerous qualities but you should never think that your partner’s abusive behavior is ok and that you deserved it. Abusers have no limits so get out of this relationship for your own safety.

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