So Down To Earth! Fans Praised Duchess Kate For Choosing 'Normal' Seat Instead Of Royal Box At Wimbledon

July 3, 2019 11:20

The Duchess of Cambridge surprised tennis fans with her unexpected appearance at Wimbledon. To be fair, we all knew she loves tennis but we had no idea she’ll make a room for it in her busy schedule.

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The royal mom donned a pretty all-white outfit featuring an elegant custom-made Suzannah midi-dress which she paired with a delicate skinny belt by Alexander McQueen.

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However, not only the Duchess’ gorgeous outfit stunned the public but her seat choice as well.

Being normal

Duchess Kate decided to opt for a “normal” seat instead of the lavish one, reserved only for royals. The members of the royal family usually choose to sit in the famous royal box which is believed to be the best seats in Wimbledon.

However, Kate chose to be closer to the crowd as she was seen laughing and chatting with people around her.

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Royal fans praised the Duchess for her decision

Kate is surely one of the most down-to-earth royals out there and we like how she tries to show that she’s still just like the rest of us, despite having a fancy title.