Total Disrespect! Prince William And Kate Middleton Snubbed The Queen At Royal Ascot Forcing Her To Wait For Them

June 19, 2019 12:43

Who doesn’t like the Royal Ascot? Beautiful people, exciting races, and of course, getting a glimpse of the royalty - the prestigious horse racing event offers quite a lot for a commoner.

This year, the royal family members joined the Queen for the memorable appearance in a carriage procession. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were there as well, looking absolutely stunning in their fancy outfits.

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However, it appears that the pair got so distracted they unintentionally snubbed the monarch.

Making the Queen wait

Her Majesty was filmed standing by herself and waiting for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the first day of the Royal Ascot.

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The Queen was forced to wait as she turned around to Prince William and Kate Middleton, before striding away from them.

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The Cambridge couple appeared so distracted by their chat with Queen Maxima that they didn’t even notice Her Majesty.

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It’s not the first time the monarch was snubbed in the recent days. Kate Middleton didn’t curtsy to her at Trooping the Color, unlike other royal women.

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However, there seems to be an explanation for that. According to People, the Duchess might have already curtsied to the monarch privately in the morning before the event. But how to explain the Royal Ascot snub?