Toddler's Birthday Party Ended Up In A Horrific Knife Attack: 9 People, Including 6 Children, Dead

July 3, 2018 11:14

The hosts of a 3-year-old birthday party clearly didn’t expect such an outcome.

Nine people, 6 kids among them, lost their lives in a horrible mass stabbing in Idaho. The crime happened at about 8.45 pm on Saturday night.

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A day before, Timmy Kinner, 30, is said to have been asked to leave an apartment block the party took place in. However, he returned the next day with a knife.

The result of his actions appeared to be tragic. The kids ages varied from 4 to 12. Some of them were found either in the apartment block or in a parking lot nearby by paramedics.

Here is what Boise Police Chief William Bones said:

The victims are some of the newest members of our community… This was an attack against those who are most vulnerable.

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What is more, police can’t tell for now the motive for the crime. Apparently, Kinner targeted the victims just because of their location in the apartment block. There was no obvious reason to attack these specific people.

The man has been already arrested. He is said to have faced several felony charges, aggravated battery before.

What’s happened is horrible. May it not be repeated again. RIP to all the victims.

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