Woman Was Livestreaming Behind The Wheel, Crashed Her Car, But Didn't Stop Recording Dying Sister

May 25, 2018 10:33

Nowadays, social media control people’s lives. Teenagers and adults feel urge to document every step they take, whether they go on a date or attend a concert. And what’s even worse, obsession with taking pictures and livestreaming may even take someone’s life.

In 2017, Obdulia Sánchez was driving with her 14-year-old sister and another teen in a 2003 Buick. Instead of paying attention to what was happening on the road, the girl was livestreaming on Instagram while driving.

The video that can still be found on the internet shows that the 19-year-old often took her hands off the steering wheel. What is even worse, Obdulia was drunk.

Inside Edition / YouTube

At some point, Sánchez overcorrected, and the vehicle swerved across lanes, overturning into a field. Unfortunately, the passengers were not wearing seat belts.

NBC News / YouTube

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The two 14-year-olds were ejected from the car, and one of them, Obdulia’s sister, Jacqueline, was killed. Shockingly, Sánchez continued livestreaming, showing her dead sister’s body:

I f-----g killed my sister, OK? I know I’m going to jail for life.

NBC News / YouTube

In the beginning of 2018, the California teen was sentenced to more than 6 years in prison. She was convicted of child endangerment, DUI, and gross vehicular manslaughter.

ABC News / YouTube

Livestreaming, texting, and calling behind the wheel of a vehicle is considered distracted driving. And the statistics for the United States are terrifying. According to the CDC, each day, 9 people die because of distracted driving and more than a thousand get injured!

Unfortunately, teens are the largest age group distracted at the time of fatal accidents, often because of their obsession with social media. Many states now have laws against texting and other distractions. And hopefully, such fatal crashes recorded by the victims will serve as a preventive measure as well.

Make sure you get safe rides!

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