Sisterhood At Its Best: Kate Middleton Put A Comforting Arm Around Meghan As She Got Emotional At Wimbledon

July 16, 2019 10:58

The alleged feud between the Duchesses Catherine and Meghan keeps making headlines for months. However, after Kate and Meghan’s joint appearance at Wimbledon, we dare to say that royal feud is nothing else but rumors.

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Sweet PDA moment at Wimbledon

On Saturday, Kate Middleton, her sister Pippa, and the new mom Meghan Markle had the ladies’ day out at Wimbledon. The gorgeous trio attended the women’s singles final.

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Meghan, who is still on maternity leave, confirmed her presence at Wimbledon a couple of days before the event. Obviously, she came to support her good pal Serena Williams.

Despite the reported feud between Kate and Meghan, both Duchesses looked happy and all smiles as they enjoyed the competition sitting in the royal box.

There was one sweet PDA moment between Meghan and Kate that lives no room for gossips about their alleged feud. At some point while watching the game, Kate was spotted putting her arm around Meghan in a comforting manner.

This sweet gesture was caught on a camera. Of course, there are some people that claim that Kate could just pretend being so kind to her sister-in-law. But if you take a closer look at both ladies at this particular moment, you’ll see that Kate and Meghan just couldn’t fake such an evident sympathy towards each other.

Royal expert comments

If you need more proofs, a royal expert Judi James took a precise look at Kate and Meghan’s behavior at Wimbledon and gave her verdict.

The joint outing wasn't just fake — it was the beginning of a friendship, showcasing numerous positive signs, such as touching arms at some point and mirroring each other.

What do you think? Could Kate and Meghan just fake their warm feelings towards each other at Wimbledon? Please, share with us in the comments.