Another Fabulous Outing! Duchess Camilla Looks So Fresh And Blooming In A Green Colorful Dress In The Cayman Islands

March 28, 2019 13:44

Duchess Camilla keeps glowing as her and Prince Charles’ royal tour in the Caribbean continues. Camilla’s latest outfit left royal watchers in a delight and here is why.

Camilla glows in the Cayman Islands

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla’s 12-day royal tour in the Caribbean has almost come to an end. No doubt, the Caribbean climate has a positive impact on the royal couple. Charles and Camilla are literally glowing with energy during their numerous public engagements in the schedule list.

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On Wednesday, Charles and his wife arrived in the Cayman Islands to attend the opening of a new terminal at Owen Roberts International Airport.

Camilla looked truly fabulous in her spring-inspired green colorful dress. The Duchess teamed her spectacular gown with a trendy handbag and beige heels. She accessorized her look with a pearl necklace and earrings.

Prince Charles dressed up elegant as usual in a beige suit. The royal couple was warmly greeted by the crowd. Camilla was even presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

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It is just us or the green color suits Camilla a lot? She looks much younger than her age!

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A special gift

Prior to the Cayman Islands, Charles and Camilla visited Cuba where they were presented with a very adorable gift. But the gift was not for them, it was for Harry and Meghan’s future baby.

The wife of the Cuban president presented the royals with a cute doll dressed in a yellow dress. What could it mean? Maybe, we’ve just got a hint at the baby’s gender.

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Royal watchers are literally in love with Camilla’s Caribbean-inspired style. Agree that she looks truly fabulous!

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