Baby Sussex Won’t Let The Busy Mom Meghan Markle Meet President Trump During His State Visit In June, Royal Expert Says

April 25, 2019 11:30

Meghan Markle most likely won’t meet President Trump during his official visit to the UK in June. But the Duchess has a good reason to skip the meeting as she will be very busy with her newborn Baby Sussex.

Baby Sussex won’t let Meghan meet President Trump

As it was reported earlier, President Donald Trump will visit London again during his state visit in June. For the first time, Trump met the Queen last year, though people were not very pleased with his previous visit.

Donald will most likely meet not just Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, but also the rest of the royal family. But it looks like one of the royals will skip this meeting with the President. We talk about Meghan Markle.

According to a royal expert, Duncan Larcombe, Duchess Meghan probably won’t be present during Trump’s state visit for a very understandable reason. The new mom will be super busy, taking care of Baby Sussex.

The expert said:

 I’m told that there are no plans for Meghan to meet President Trump. Not as a snub because - how shall we say - it’s a quite convenient period of maternity leave, so she won’t be working.

Fans totally support the mom-to-be Meghan

As we know, Harry and Meghan’s baby is about to arrive these days. The soon-mom-to-be finished her public engagements six weeks ago to concentrate on the baby arrival.

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Though in one of her early interviews, Meghan said she voted for Hillary Clinton but not for Donald Trump, we believe there is no hidden message here if she skips his state visit. Besides, Harry is expected to meet Donald in June.

Baby Sussex is almost here! We can only imagine how Harry and Meghan are thrilled ahead of their first baby arrival.