Earthquake Alert! West Coast Of Oregon Is Hit By 4.7 Magnitude Earthquake. Authorities Ask Residents Not To Panic


April 11, 2019 13:47 By Fabiosa

Important alert! A massive earthquake hits west of Oregon Coast. Authorities ask the residents to follow safety measures.

Earthquake alert!

The west coast of Oregon is experiencing a 4.7 magnitude earthquake. The first hit happened on April 10 at around 7 a.m.

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Though there was no tsunami warning, authorities ask the residents to stay at home and follow safety measures.

Earthquakes with a magnitude higher than 4 are considered to be dangerous for people and may result in severe injuries and cause significant damage.

Last year, Oregon was also struck by 4 massive earthquakes within 24 hours. Fortunately, no human loss was reported at that time.

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Safety measures to follow during an earthquake

1. Make sure you have an evacuation plan for your family.

2. Prepare emergency food, water, and first aid kits.

3. Keep your gas tank at least half full.

4. Determine safe spaces away from windows in your place.

5.  Learn how to turn off your gas and water mains, as well as electricity.

6. Indicate an emergency outdoor meeting place with your family members.

We will keep you aware of the situation in Oregon West Coast. Keep safe!

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