George & Amal Clooney Hosted Their Good Old Friends Barack & Michelle Obama At Their Lavish Villa

June 24, 2019

Barack and Michelle Obama were warmly greeted by George Clooney and his wife Amal in their villa over the weekend. Who would have thought their families are so close?

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Welcome, the Obamas!

Barack & Michelle Obama together with their two beautiful daughters Malia and Sasha keep on enjoying their family vacation and meeting their good old friends.

On Friday, the Obamas were warmly greeted by the Hollywood star George Clooney and his charming wife Amal in their villa in Lake Como, Laglio.

Barack and Michelle, as well as George and Amal, were invited for a charity dinner on Saturday.

As it was reported, the Obamas will then take the Clooney’s private jet to travel to Milan amid their long-awaited vacation.

Barack & Michelle enjoy their family time with daughters in France. Earlier, the entire family was spotted together on their way to a restaurant in Avignon for Father’s Day celebration. Malia and Sasha look so grown-up now and resemble their beautiful mom Michelle a lot.

As for the Obamas’ friendship with the Clooneys, fans shared their opinions calling Barack the “Hollywood President.”

Fans’ comments


 I would love to listen in on their conversations.. 👍😍


 Obama always was a Hollywood President


Why don’t you do something substantial with your celebrity instead of sailing the Mediterranean like maybe helping the homeless in LA!!!


 Haha, so cool!


They’re legends in their own tiny minds. Money can’t buy brains, common sense, or class.

It’s nice to have such good friends with a lavish villa as George and Amal Clooney. Barack and Michelle are the lucky ones.