Phenomenal Couple! Beloved Wife Of 102-Year-Old Kirk Douglas, Anne Buydens, Has Just Turned 100 Years Old

April 24, 2019 11:58

Kirk Douglas’ charming wife, the incredible Anne Buydens, has just turned 100 years old. Let’s congratulate Anne and wish her all the best!

Happy birthday, Anne Buydens!

Kirk Douglas calls her “the love of his life,” talking about his 64-year marriage with the charming Anne Buydens.

On April 23, Anne celebrated a significant milestone. She turned 100 years old.

Anne is two years younger than her husband. Kirk celebrated his 102nd birthday on December 9. Looking at this beautiful and energetic couple, it’s hard to believe they’ve already crossed a 100-year line.

Kirk + Anne = LOVE

Kirk and Anne are the role model of a happy and lasting marriage in Hollywood. Buydens and the Spartacus star have been married for 64 years. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

Their love story began with an unexpected twist. Already used to women falling at his feet, Kirk was confused when Anne turned him down when he first asked her out.

Their relationship remained platonic for a while until Anne gave up when they attended a charity gala together. Buydens just couldn’t resist her feelings to Douglas any longer.

Kirk and Anne share a long and complicated love story. Together they went through fame, jealousy, and even cheating. Despite all of this, the spouses could save their marriage and keep their love strong for more than six decades.

Our warmest wishes to Anne Buydens on her birthday! May her life be full of happy and bright moments with her loving husband Kirk always by her side!