Oops! Kate Middleton Spills The Beans About Who Taught Princess Charlotte Her Signature ‘Turn And Wave’ Move

March 21, 2019

With Princess Charlotte’s every appearance in public, royal watchers gush over her signature ‘turn and wave’ move. Finally, the ‘big mystery’ of who taught Charlotte doing this adorable gesture has been revealed. Kate Middleton spilled the beans during her latest royal outing.

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Charlotte’s signature ‘turn and wave’ move

Little Princess Charlotte is such a cutie, isn’t she? This adorable girl can steal the spotlight every time she steps out with her mom and dad.

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Royal watchers have long been wondering about Charlotte’s cute ‘turn and wave’ move, which she masterfully shows off during her public appearances with her parents.

The royal family didn’t reveal who taught Charlotte doing the move. But her mother, Kate Middleton, disclosed the mystery without even knowing it during her latest solo engagement with the Queen.

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‘Big mystery’ revealed

On Tuesday, Kate and Her Majesty attended the King’s College in London for their first solo engagement this year. While making her way up the steps alongside the Queen, Kate turned and waved to the crowd, imitating her daughter’s famous gesture.

Fans immediately figured it out who taught little Charlotte this adorable ‘turn and wave’ move, which has already become her signature card.

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It’s so nice that Princess Charlotte wants to resemble her charming mother, especially in such a sweet way.  Kate must be so proud of her adorable ‘mini-me’ daughter.

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