Sad News For Fans: Country Music Star Loretta Lynn Is Living Her Last Days After Suffering A Stroke

June 14, 2019 12:31

Beloved country singer Loretta Lynn is probably living her final days after suffering a stroke. Devastated fans send their supportive messages to the fading star.

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Urgent health update

The legendary country music star Loretta Lynn is not doing well. A source told Radar that Loretta is most likely living her final days after suffering a stroke.

The source reported:

It’s so sad to see Loretta breaking down… It’s becoming clear the end is near.

Loretta’s health saw a severe decline after she suffered a stroke in 2017. The stroke affected the singer’s speech and motor skills and almost left her silenced.

Now, Lynn needs a wheelchair to get around. But according to Radar, Loretta’s family considers the possibility to relocate her to a 24/7 care facility.

Loretta Lynn last appeared on stage in April. Though the music Diva still tries to stay in high spirits, a source close to the family confirmed that friends are lining up now to say the final goodbye to their beloved Loretta.

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Fans’ comments

We keep praying for Loretta Lynn and wish her family to stay strong amid this hard period. Faith can make miracles!