Sunglasses At The Remembrance Service?! Melania Trump Was Brutally Slammed For Not Removing Her Sunglasses At D-Day Commemorations

June 7, 2019 15:28

Melania Trump is under fire for her rude manners during the D-Day commemorations. People on social media slammed the First Lady for not taking off her sunglasses during the service.

Sunglasses at the commemoration service?!

Donald and Melania Trump have just finished their 3-day state visit in Britain, where they met Queen Elizabeth and other royals.

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On Thursday, the first couple had another important engagement in their busy schedule list. The President and First Lady went to Normandy, France, to attend the D-Day commemorations service.

Melania dressed up in accordance with the occasion. FLOTUS looked elegant in a stylish mourning black coat.

However, social media users ‘attacked’ Melania for one inappropriate detail in her outfit. Trolls slammed the First Lady for not removing her sunglasses during the remembrance service. Some of them called it a brutal disrespect; others – a fashion mishap.

People’s comments

Here is a funny thing. Other fans suggested that Ms. Trump didn’t remove her sunglasses because it was actually not Melania at all, but her body double.

Melania’s body double?

What do you think about all of this? Did Melania, indeed, make a ‘huge mistake’ with her sunglasses fiasco?