Dark And Disturbing! Mom Notices Scenes Of Sexual Abuse In A Kid's Movie And Raises The Alarm. Now, The Film Is Being Edited

May 25, 2018 11:56

A blogger named Terina Maldonado went viral after sharing a post about instances of sexual grooming in a new children's movie on her blog, MacaroniKid. 

Terina Maldonado's viral observation

Terina took her family to see an advanced screening of a new movie, 'Show Dogs'. At first glance, the film seemed perfect for kids. It was about a police dog named Max who, along with his human partner, Frank, decided to go undercover at a dog show in order to rescue a kidnapped baby panda. 

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Max was not a born show dog, so he needed to learn how to compete in the contest. One of the things that Max had to get comfortable with is the inspection of his private parts. Frank and another former show champion then began working to help Max be okay with this.

To get him used to it, Frank would touch Max's private parts again and again even though the dog was obviously uncomfortable. The former champion would then tell the dog to go to his 'zen place', so he could get through the inspection. 

On the day he was to compete, Max was still not allowing his privates to be touched. He could lose the competition if he did not let the judges inspect the area, and the kidnapped panda would not be caught. Basically, everything rested on Max's ability to allow himself be touched. As the judge slowly reached the area.

Max had to go to his 'zen place', which featured him flying through the sky, dancing, fireworks, and flowers - just so someone could touch his private parts.

Terina found the whole thing very disturbing as it sounded like a lesson in child grooming. In her opinion, children may learn that when someone makes them uncomfortable, all they need to do is to go to a 'zen place' and let it happen.

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Max was not able to speak up or fight against what was happening to him and in Terina's opinion, this was completely inappropriate for kids to see.

Many people agreed with Terina's observation, and there was complete outrage over the movie. Her post went viral quickly with many parents vowing that they would never let their kids see 'Show Dogs.'

The film is being re-edited

Following the uproar, the studio responsible for producing the film released a statement saying it will be undergoing some editing. It said:

The company takes these matters very seriously and remains committed to providing quality entertainment for the intended audiences based on the film's rating. We apologize to anybody who feels the original version of 'Show Dogs' sent an inappropriate message.

After it has been edited, a revised version will then be released to the public. The inappropriate scenes, according to reports, will be removed.

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Sexual Abuse