Victoria Beckham’s Daughter Is All Ready For Easter As She Has A Blast With Eva Longoria And Her Baby Boy


April 16, 2019 10:28 By Fabiosa

Victoria Beckham’s daughter Harper is already getting ready for Easter, as very little time is left until the actual celebration.

Her mother Victoria has recently shared a photo on her Instagram account, showing her adorable daughter holding a cute bunny.

Easter party

Victoria Beckham and her daughter Harper have recently had some super fun time while attending the Easter party together with Spice Girl's pal Eva Longoria and Santi.

Eva Longoria organized the party at her LA house, and Victoria already shared plenty of festive photos with her Instagram subscribers.

On this snap, Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham and their pal Ken Paves are getting some snuggles with the bunnies.

Harper was indeed delighted to spend such an amazing day with her mother and mum’s best friend.

Social media reactions

Fans keep leaving lots of comments, claiming Harper looks like an angel and supposing the party was indeed fun.


Harper is an angel


😍😍😍she is so beautiful and sweet


She is a such a pretty little girl 👧 😍


Oh, my God. That's so cute 💓


She is a beauty. Just like her mom.

Harper Beckham is preparing for Easter while spending fun time at the Easter party with her mother Victoria and the Spice Girl's pal Eva Longoria.